10ft shipping container with roll up door

10 ft shipping container with roll up door

Shipping container with roll up door for sale

10 foot shipping container with roll up door

This is a custom build 10ft shipping container with seven foot wide roll up door on the back end.

Why it's a custom build you might say. It's just a 10ft shipping container with a roll up door. What's the big deal. Right.

Well. This 10ft storage container use to be a one trip full size 20ft shipping container and have been cut down to make two custom build 10ft containers.

By cutting down the shipping containers this way we can pass the savings on to our customers. Check out our 12ft storage container with man doors.

Creating the 10ft storage shipping container.
  • Cut down a 20ft container into two 10ft sections.
  • Frame the ends and install corner castings.
  • Install the roll up door.
10 foot shipping container roll up door

10ft shipping container with roll up door.

The idea behind the cutting down a 20ft shipping container down to two 10ft storage container came to mind when we got an order from one of our customers for two 10 foot standard height storage containers.

Both 10 ft containers is to be used as an extra storage space. And one of them need a 7ft roll up door at one end.

While neither of the container will be used for shipping cargo anymore we don't have to worry about shipping container ISO as long as the are going to be solid, wind and watertight.

10ft container cutting down.

Since we are going to create two storage containers from this 20ft can. we took the time to mark the cut were both ends will be ready to be framed later on. So one cut will get the job done.

We used the same technique for creating the 16ft shipping container with a roll up door.

The cut was done using a cutting wheels on a hand held grinder which gives us cleaner cuts which in return save us a lot of time prepping the steel for welding.

Framing the cargo doors 10ft sections.

This section on the container just needs to be capped so we framed it with 2X4 rectangle steel tubing for the verticals and top header, The bottom was framed with a 2X6 with a flange to secure the decking. Each corner takes a steel corner casting.

There was no skip welding. The steel frame get welded all the way around with no caulking at all.

Now we end up with about 8X8 feet opening that need to be closed up. We added a 2X2 rectangle steel tubing in the center of the opening from the floor all the way up to the top header to make the cap more manageable.

1/8th steel panels were cut to fit the openings and got recessed about one inch inside the 2 inch frames to give the wall more strength and a better look.

Steel for framing and capping the 10ft section.
  • 1:
    2X6 inches Rectangle steel tubing.
  • 2:
    2X4 inches Rectangle steel tubing.
  • 3:
    Steel corner casting.
  • 4:
    1/8th Steel panel.
10 foot storage container end frame
Storage container end cap
10ft container roll up door section

This 10ft storage container section get the 2X6 inches rectangle steel tubing for the verticals instead of the 2X4 inches we used in the first section.

The reason for using the 2X6 inches on this end is creating an opening that is 7ft wide which is exactly what we need to install the seven foot wide shipping container roll up door.

2X2 inches rectangle steel tubing get installed 82 inches from the floor across the opening to complete the roll up door frame.

1/8th inches flat panel get cut to fit the top opening to create a top header and e the opening.

The only thing left before installing the roll up door is installing the door threshold, cleaning the steel and weld, prime and seal the inside.

The shipping container roll up door can now be installed in the framed opening.

Custom build 10ft shipping container that you will never find anywhere in the shipping container market.

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