24ft storage shipping container with roll up door

24ft storage shipping container for sale

24 Foot Shipping container for sale

Twenty four foot storage shipping container.

24ft shipping containers are not manufactured in large quantities like the 20 foot and the 40ft containers.

So what do you do if the 40ft container is too large and the 20ft is too small for your project.

Based on our 25 years experience in the shipping container industry and our customer request. We can sum up the options like this.

Your options.
  • Order a one trip 24ft container.
  • Have 40ft container cut down to 24ft.

If a 24 foot is still to small. Check out our 30 ft shipping container.

24ft shipping container cut cown

Used standard height 24ft shipping container.

24ft shipping container height.

Just like all other shipping containers the 24ft comes in two different height. The 8ft 6 inches and the 9ft 6 inches tall.
And yes the are manufactured this way. They are available in the market as new or one trip.

Why 24ft you might ask?. The 24ft shipping containers are a good fit as a storage container for construction sites where the majority of the supplies like lumber or steel comes in a 20ft lengths or shorter.

That's just about cover the first option new or one trip 24ft shipping container.

What if the 24ft shipping container is what you are looking for but you don't want to spend that much on a new or a one trip container. What if used wind and watertight 24ft container will do just fine.

That's were we come to the second option which is cutting down a 40ft used wind and watertight shipping container down to the 24ft that you need.

Cutting down a shipping container.

There are two ways to cut down a shipping container.

The first way is removing the cargo door assembly completely clean it up and set it a side for now.

Cut down the container to the desired length taking in count the size of the cargo door assembly.

Re-install the cargo door to the shipping container welding it all the way around and adding steel support gussets as needed.

The down side to cutting the shipping container this way is. You end up wasting a good usable chunk of the container and this chunk still need to be cut down to smaller pieces for recycling. Which is wast of time too.

The second way is actually cutting the container into two parts to the desiered length.

The first part which still have the cargo doors will get a complete front wall with four corner caps and can be fabricated as one piece then installed on the container or can be built on the container one piece at a time.

Steel needed to cap container end.
  • 1:
    2X4 inches Rectangle steel tubing for sides & top header.
  • 2:
    2X6 inches Rectangle steel tubing for bottom door sill.
  • 3:
    Corrugated or flat panel to fill the opening.
  • 4:
    Steel corner casting.

The second part of the container cut down can be framed the same way but because there will be no cargo doors another frame need to be built inside the container frame to take a roll up door or a man door.

This way we did not wast any part of the shipping container and we end up with two usable containers instead of of just one.

This 24ft shipping container

This 24ft storage shipping container showing on the top of this page was what left from a cut down of a 40ft used container were the customer order a used 16ft shipping container with a roll up door on the front wall.

We decided to cut down a 40ft used shipping container and spend the extra time and effort to build this 24 foot shipping container were we can pass the savings to the new owner of this 24ft container.

We can still add any shipping container modifications that you might need like. Installing a man door or roll up door on any side. or may be some windows and some vents.

We can do it all. You will save more by doing the modifications while the container still at our location. Doing any shipping container modification away from our shop will be twice as hard and will cost much more.

Looking for a used 24ft shipping container ?