16ft wide shipping container roll up door

16ft wide shipping container roll up door

Industrial grade shipping container roll up door

16ft wide heavy duty roll up door installation

We will be installing two sixteen foot wide heavy duty roll up doors on a high cube 40ft shipping container to convert it to an almost open side container without the heavy cost on an open side container.

The roll-up door.
  • Heavy duty industrial grade .
  • EZ-SET Roll-Up spring system.
  • Reduced drive chain hoist.
  • Radial ball bearings.
  • Nylon strapping on edges of curtain.
16ft shipping container roll up inside

What's do you need to install a 16ft roll up door

Installing this large roll-up door on a shipping container might sound very daunting. But it's really not that hard. The roll-up door is well designed and easy to install.

The majority of the time will be spent on preparing the shipping container receive the door.

Tools Needed.
  • Plasma or a grinder & cutting wheels.
  • Grinding wheels.
  • Welding machine.
  • Sealant caulking.
  • Wrenches & Sockets.
  • Drill & Impact driver.
  • Electrical or hydraulic lift.
This last one is important as the door coil is really heavy to be lifted by hands.
Steel Needed.
Here is a list of the steel that we used to get the container ready for the 16ft roll-up door.
  • 2X4 Rectangle steel tubing. 1/8" Thick.

    Used for the vertical door frame.

  • 2X3 Rectangle steel tubing. 1/8" Thick.

    Used for the horizontal door frame.

  • 6" steel flat bar. 1/8" Thick.

    Part one of the door threshold plate

  • 1" steel flat bar. 1/8" Thick.

    Part two of the door threshold plate

  • 6" steel flat bar. 1/4" Thick.

    Door track support plates.

16ft heavy duty shipping container rollup
16ft shipping container roll-up door support brackets

16ft shipping container roll up door framing

To start, we are installing two 16ft shipping container roll-up doors on a high cube container. The coil of the roll up door needs about two feet of head room (from the ceiling down).

If we to install this large door on a standard height shipping container that will bring the bottom of the door coil to almost six feet, which will be to low and can become a safety issue.

Measuring the door opening

The 16ft roll up door we are installing needs a 16ft wide opening with the frame installed, and since we are using 2X4 rectangle steel tubing for the vertical frame the opening that we need to cut should be 16ft plus 8". That takes care of the door width.

For the door opening height, we needed an 80 inches height with the horizontal frame installed. And since we are using the 2X3 rectangle steel tubing for that. The height that we are going to cut will be 83 inches from the shipping container floor.

We could have used a 2X6 rectangle steel tube for the vertical frame which will eliminate the need for the 1/4 inch steel support plates. But the 2X4 is what was available on hand at the time and the customer was in a rush to get the shipping container.

Cutting the door opening

Because of the width of the roll up doors openings. "Keep in mind that we are installing two 16ft doors on the same side of the shipping container" we can't just cut it all at once and go from there as the roof and the top rail will bow down. So we had to cut the opening in sections and install one of the vertical frame to support the weigh of the roof.

Unlike the light weigh roll up door or the smaller roll-up doors the vertical frame beam had to go all the way up to the top rail for proper support.

Now the rest of the opening can be cut out and removed in section too. Even though we have a plasma cutter on hand, we like to cut the top of the opening with a cutting wheel were we get a nice clean and straight cut. Which makes it a lot easier when we start welding the horizontal frame steel tube.

The second vertical frame steel tube can be installed at this time making sure that the inside measurement of the two vertical steel tube is 16 feet.

The roll up door threshold

This 16ft wide heavy duty shipping container roll up door did not come with a threshold so we had to fabricate one for each door.

The door threshold have to be the same size as the door opening which is sixteen feet long. It can be fabricated from one 6" flat bar and one 1" flat bar welded on their edges at 45 degrees. the welding should be on the inside angles of the flat bars.

The shipping container bottom rail flange need to be grind clean before we install the door threshold.

Cleaning the bottom rail flange is probably the most time-consuming part of preparing the shipping container for a roll up door as we have to grind of all the welding that was holding the wall panels to the bottom rail flange.

Using a plasma cutter with a gouging tip or an oxygen acetylene torch can really speed up the process of cleaning the rail flange.

By the time the bottom rail flange is clean. The door threshold can be installed and skip welded to the rail.

Roll up door top horizontal beam

Well we are calling it a beam but it's really the top horizontal steel rectangle tube and at this stage it's a good time to install it.

No skip welding on the steel tubes. Weld all the way alternating the weld bead to prevent bowing the steel from over heating.

With the horizontal beam in place the door frame is complete but before starting the whire wheeling and cleaning it's a good idea to install the door track support brackets as these need to be welded too.

16ft shipping container roll up door top frame
Roll up door track support brackets

As i mentioned before if you are going to use a 2X6 steel rectangle tube for the vertical frame. You probably don't need any support brackets.

This 16ft roll up door steel tracks are 4 inches wide and there is a steel triangle that's about one inches wide that will get attached to the track. And that is were the actual door coil will sit on.

So 6 inches wide will be an enough surface for the track and the door bracket at the same time.

And for sure we well be using the 2X6 inches steel rectangle tube on the next installation of a 16ft roll up door on a shipping container. It will save the time of fabricating the track support brackets.

The only thing left to complete the 16ft roll-up door frame is wire wheel all the welded areas inside and outside then seal the welded area from inside, Prime and paint.

Finally installing the roll up door

I could have add more images and write description on how to install the actual roll-up door.

Then i found this video that shows exactly the steps needed to install the door, So here it is.

16ft wide shipping container roll up door installation video