12ft shipping container with man door

12 ft shipping container with man door

Shipping container with two man doors for sale

12 foot shipping container with man door

Twelve foot shipping container don't really exist in the shipping container market. None of the container manufacturers do make 12ft containers so there is no way for you to find a new, one trip or even a used one in the marker.

Now you might ask if the 12ft shipping containers don't exist how come we have them ready for sale.

Well. We build them in our Tacoma shipping container fabrication shop. We cut down a 40ft container to make three 12ft containers.

Creating 12ft storage shipping container.
  • Cut down a 40ft container into three 12ft sections .
  • Frame the cuts and install corner caps.
  • Install the man doors.
  • Frame & Fill the voids.
12 foot shipping container man door

12ft shipping container with man doors.

Two weeks ago we got an order from one of our customers for three 12 foot used standard height shipping containers.

That's not all. Two of the container needs two man doors each on the opposite sides of the end walls. The section with the cargo doors will take only one man door on the front wall.

Cutting down the steel container.

We set a 40 ft used shipping container in our shop. And start by marking where the cuts need to be. The same process as we did with the 16ft and 24ft shipping container that we built not long a go.

After three cuts we end up with three 12 foot sections without ends. The first cut separated the cargo doors section from the center section. Two more cuts to separate the center from the front section. We end up with a 4 foot scrape section.

A plasma cutter could have been used to speed the cutting process but we decided to do the cuts with a cutting wheels on a hand held grinder for a cleaner cuts and saving time later on prepping the steel for welding.

Framing the container 12ft sections.

Rectangle steel tubing were used to frame the 12ft shipping container section with each corner gets a steel corner casting.

There was no skip welding. The steel frame get welded all the way around with no caulking at all.

later on the frame will be cleaned with a wire wheel on a grinder, sealed from the inside and painted with a primer. The customer is going to paint the container to their desired color.

Steel for framing the 12ft sections.
  • 1:
    2X6 inches Rectangle steel tubing.
  • 2:
    2X4 inches Rectangle steel tubing.
  • 3:
    Steel corner casting.
Installing the man door.

The shipping container man doors that we are using in this project are the Weld-N-Go man door system.

The metal door comes already installed inside a 2X3 inches rectangle steel frame with the hinges screwed to the door from one end and welded to the steel frame on the other end.

These weld-n-Go doors are great. They save a lot time, and when orderd as a kit they come with everything you need. Seals, threshold, knobs, door sweep and a rain drip cap.

Installing the man door was as easy as lining it up against the container frame and tack weld it in place.

2X2 inches rectangle steel tubing was used to split the void. The top opening get covered with a flat panel to create a header. And the side void gets covered with a corrugated panel.

The 5th man door

All four 12 ft shipping container section ends get the same build and doors. The 5th man door in this modifications need to be installed on the front wall of what use to be a 40ft container.

For this man door the front wall needed to be cut out which is not a big of a deal. but the container design had a rectangle steel tubing as a bottom rail which is raised up about one inch from the container floor.

So half of that rectangle steel tube needed to be removed and capped with a 2 inch flat bar to flush it with the floor.

The man door now can be installed in the opening and welded in place.

Cleaning by wire wheel the welded areas inside and outside then seal the inside and prime.

After all the section get cleaned and painted with primer. It will be time to install the man door hardware.

There you have it. Custom build 12 ft shipping container that you will never find anywhere in the shipping container market.

Looking for a 12ft shipping container with man door ?