30ft high cube shipping container for sale

30 ft shipping container for sale

High cube 30ft storage shipping container

30 foot shipping container

Custom build 30ft shipping container without extra modifications. But yet a perfect extra mobile storage space.

You might know by now that 30ft shipping containers are not manufactured like other standard shipping containers.

And they are not available in quantities in the shipping container market. So they are almost one of a kind when it comes to shipping container sizes.

The only odd shipping container size that we came across besides the 22ft container we built last year for a local customer was a 12ft storage shipping container with man doors we built last week.

How do you get a 30ft shipping container ?
  • Cut a 40ft shipping container down to 30 feet.

This is what we have here and that's what we are going to build. A 30ft high cube storage shipping container.

30 foot shipping container on stands

30ft shipping container build.

The shipping container we are working on today is a high cube 40ft container. The objective is to cut it down to create a 30ft storage shipping container.

We end up building two 30ft containers back to back because as soon as the first container got sold and while still in our yard scheduled for delivery another customer saw it and asked us to build another one him.

Both containers we started with were 40ft high cube. But they were designed and manufactured differently. And yet the exact same size.

Some of the images in this page will be showing both containers while we are working on them before and after paint.

Removing the container door assembly.

Before we do any cutting on the containers we need to mark exactly where the cut is going to be, Taking in consideration the design of the door assembly. especially the roof support plate.

This cargo door assembly is doing to go back just the way it is after the container is cut down.

The marking is done and it's time to get cranking and remove the door assembly. The orange container was an older model and have some rust, There will be a lot of cleaning later on so unlike what we did with the 10ft shipping container cut down.

Instead of using cutting wheels on a hand held grinder. We went straight to the plasma cutter to speed up the cutting time.

Even with the plasma cutter there was some areas on this old container we could not reach to cut. So we had to switch to the oxygen acetylene torch to remove the cargo door assembly.

Cutting down to 30ft container.

Now we go back to our initial marking and cut out the ten foot section. There is not much for this cut, so we went back to the cutting wheels on a grinder.

After the cut is complete, the ten foot section can be removed. We were thinking that we can save this section and build a 10ft shipping container out of it. But the section was too rusty and it was not worth saving.

Grinding time.

The 30 foot section and the cargo door assembly needed to be cleaned as much as possible getting both of them ready for assembly and welding.

The more time spent on cleaning the areas that needed to be welded "which is just about all of it". The faster and cleaner the weld will be.

Using a small forklift the door assembly get slide in place against the 30ft container section. If all the cuts were clean and straight, The assembly should sets in place without any problems.

The only thing left to do is tack weld the assembly all the way around. Then a complete weld. And of course fastening the decking too.

Some cleaning, Primer and paint, and there you have it. A hi-cube used 30ft storage shipping container.

10 foot storage container section
30ft Storage container cargo doors

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