16ft shipping container with roll up door

16ft shipping container with roll up door

Shipping container with roll up door for sale

16 foot shipping container with roll up door

Sixteen foot shipping container are not that easy to find because they are not manufactured in large quantities like the 20 foot and the 40 ft shipping containers.

So when we got the order for a used sixteen foot shipping container with a roll up door. We had to make one.

What's need to be done.
  • Cut down a 40ft container to 16ft .
  • Frame the container with corner caps.
  • Build a steel frame for the roll up door.
  • Install the 6ft wide roll up door.
shipping container roll up door coil

16ft shipping container with roll up door.

Cutting down the steel container.

We start by measuring and marking where the cut need to be taking in consideration the corner caps as we want the container to be as solid as it can be and at the same time we wanted it to look as good as it can be.

While we could have cut the shipping container with a plasma cutter to speed the process we decided to do the cut with a cutting wheels on a hand grinder to get a cleaner cut that will save us a lot of time cleaning the steel when it's time to frame.

We went with a 40ft used shipping container for this project so we can use what's lift to make a 24 foot storage shipping container when this job is done.

Steel framing the container cut.

By the time the cut is done, now it's time to clean the steel all around to get it ready for the framing.

We needed to build two frames for this project. One frame for the shipping container itself and another frame inside the first one for the roll up door.

Steel Used For Framing.
  • 1:
    2X4 inches Rectangle steel tubing.
  • 2:
    2X6 inches Rectangle steel tubing.
  • 3:
    2X4 inches Rectangle steel tubing.
  • 4:
    1/8 inches Steel flat panel.
  • 5:
    Steel corner casting.

The 2X4 inches Rectangle steel tubing was used to frame both vertical sides and the top header of the container and roll up door.

The 2X6 inches Rectangle steel tubing was used to fabricate the shipping container bottom door sill.

The 2X4 inches Rectangle steel tubing was used to fabricate the roll up door vertical jams. That's were the roll up door tracks will be fasten to.

The 1/8 inches Steel flat panel well be cut to strips to fill the top and side voids.

Each corner will take steel corner casting. Keeping in mind that the corner casting are not the same even if they look identical. There is left and right and top and bottom.

We start from the bottom up. The 6 inch door sill get welded to the two bottom corner castings then get attached to the container.

Now we can cut the 2X4 inches rectangle steel tubing to 92 inches in length and tack weld them to the sides. Only tack welding till we make sure the frame is square.

The two top corner castings can be installed now. Tack welding first and after squaring the frames a complete weld for all four castings and sides.

The container top header can be installed now between the to top corner castings. That will be all for the container end framing. Next will be the roll up door frame.

Roll up door framing

There is not much lift to complete the roll up door frame. One 2X4 rectangle steel tubing as a door header about 80 inches from the container floor.

Two 2X2 inches squar steel tubing vertical from the door header to the bottom door sill in which creating an 84 inches in width by 80 inches in height frame.

So 6 inches wide will be an enough surface for the track and the door bracket at the same time.

The voids well be covered with the 1/8 inches steel panel strips.

The only thing left is wire wheel the welded areas inside and outside then seal the inside, Prime and paint.

Installing the roll up door

Finally it's time to install the 6ft wide roll up door on this 16ft shipping container. Unlike the heavy duty 16ft roll up doors that we installed on a 40ft container. This one take no time to install.

Start by attaching the vertical tracks to the brackets on the roll up door coil using the provided hardware.

Get a helper to stand the assembly against the door frame and secure the tracks to the frame using self tapping screws.

Drop the both edges of the door coil in the vertical track before cutting the coil wrapping to make sure the door will stay in the track.

Install the door stoppers and adjust the door tension as needed.

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