shipping container with windows for sale

Shipping container with windows for sale

Storage shipping container windows

Shipping container with windows !

Shipping container with windows for sale. Yes, That's what we are offering here. So if you are looking for a shipping container with a window or windows ?. Feel free to get in couch with us and we will take care of you.

We can install just about any window you like on any side of a shipping or storage container. We have been doing this kind of modification for over 25 years.

Let's talk about storage container windows. And why would you want to install a glass window on a steel shipping container.

Here is a quick and short answer. Check out this shipping container office with man doors we built a few weeks ago.

Shipping container windows in a nutshell ?
  • What kind of windows to use.
  • Shipping container window frame.
  • Installing the window frame.
  • Installing the shipping container window.
shipping container office windows
shipping container with small windows

Why installing a window on a shipping container.

Shipping container are used in just about all industries these days. From a simple construction site storage container up to a 3.2 million dollar data center.

So installing an every day use window on a shipping container is literally the simplest container modifications that we do and yet is coolest when the job is done.

By just installing a window on a shipping container everything about the container changes. The look from the outside, The daylight inside. It really become something else.

Throughout the years installed thousands of man doors, vents, electrical systems, solar lighting systems, roll up doors. At the end of the day they are all still just shipping containers.

But adding only one window to a shipping container it will open up all kind of possibilities, you will start seeing the other potentials of this steel box.

Shipping container windows.

Just because everyone in the shipping container industry call them shipping container windows. Some come to believe they are particularly built for shipping containers.

It's really not the case. Any window can be installed on any shipping container. The way the window is attached to the steel container is what matter the most.

The most common used windows with the shipping container is the most common windows used in houses. The white vinyl windows. They are durable, easy to install and reasonably priced.

The white vinyl windows come in all sizes and can be ordered to any size you wish. The most used size is the 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

The installation of these windows is the same for all sizes. And we will be explaining the process of installing them on steel containers in a minute.

If you are interested in shipping container with windows. Give us a shout and one of our sales people will take care of all your shipping container needs.

Shipping container window frame.

White vinyl windows can't be fastened to the steel shipping container just the way they are. We need a frame for the window to set in.

We use 2X3 inches rectangular steel tubing to build the window frame and 2X4 inches rectangular steel tubing if the container is to be insulated.

The steel frame will be welded to the windows cut out opening. And the vinyl window will be fastened with self tapping screws to the frame.

shipping container window frame
Installing the container window frame.

You can take the measurement of the window and draw the rectangular shape on the container wall for the cut out.

Or take a minute and build a window frame stand that you can set anywhere in the container then set the heavy frame on it to do the tracing of the frame on the wall.

For us the windows frame stand is the way to go. It's a time saver, helps in getting a clean cut, and all the windows will be level with each other.

It's definitely worth the the time to build a window stand as you most likely will never install only one window on one container. It will always be in use.

After the tracing. The window cut out is done with a cutting wheel on a grinder to get a clean straight lines. The plasma cutter will do a faster cut but you will end up doing much more cleaning later on.

The window cut out need to be cleaned and prepared for welding before sliding the frame into it. Frame can now be installed inside the opening. It should just slide in place without forcing it in.

Now we line up the window frame with the top and bottom rails of the container to keep it flush with the container walls.

After some tack welding to hold the frame from shifting. The frame can be welded all the way around. Then cleaned, sealed from the inside, primed and painted.

shipping container window frame stand
container window frame installed
Installing the shipping container window.

The White vinyl shipping container window can now be installed inside the window frame.

Before sliding the window in the frame it's always a good idea to rune a bead of caulking i the center of the bottom part of the frame and set the window on it.

Two self tapping screws on each vertical window track to permanently fasten the window in place.

A nice and clean bead of caulking all the way around. Inside and outside. And the shipping container window is installed.

Shipping container windows go hand and hand with shipping container man doors.

Looking for shipping containers with windows ?